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Meet the Instructors & Contributors

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Amara Jenel

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Amara's Method to Wellness


Holistic Wellness Coach for Woman


Class Instructed:

Womb Wellness/Embody

Awakening your womb through the connection of movement, breath-work, herbs and spiritual practices. The Womb Wellness workshop dives into the different ways you can ignite your divine feminine energy. This is an informational workshop that informs you about building a healthy routine for your menstrual, balancing your sacral energy and educating on herbal remedies for some of the most frequent questions about a woman's reproductive system.

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Asha Sims

Ashakti Wellness & Yoga PLLC

Class Instructed:

Goddess Flow Yoga

Are you ready to embrace you inner goddess? Do you desire to be free and flowing? This yoga class will assist in awakening the feminine energy. This gentle but sensual yoga flow will consist of movement and breath to connect to your inner goddess.

Harmonium, bowl, voice Clarksville - Austin Shook (1).jpg

Austin Shook



Austin Shook will be using instruments from ancient cultures to hold space while you dive into your true essence.

Class Instructed:

The Sound of Inspired Growth


Austin Shook will be using 14 different instruments to create a soundscape for you to melt into. Allow the sounds from these instruments to wash away fear, worries, doubt, or anything else that is keeping you from that nature of your own presence.

Bethany Sound Bowl Healig-11 - Bethany Anderson.jpg

Bethany Louise Siobahn Anderson

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Pranayama Studio

Class Instructed:

Drop Sound Slow Flow


Slow Flow Vinyasa Class with Drop Sound Headphones. 

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Bodhi Deva Ma

Sacred Roots Spiritual Community

Sacred Roots Spiritual Community: Find Your Tribe - Be the Medicine.


Class Instructed:

Opening Ceremony w Cacao Medicine.

IMG_2276 - Brian Strahine.HEIC

Brian Strahine

Mindful Brian


I create space for all humans to channel their divine power.


Class Instructed:

Music Jam


Join us for an opportunity to sing, dance, and play instruments in a sacred circle.  Everyone is encouraged to bring instruments and some will be offered as well. This is an opportunity to let go and be free!

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Caesar Toland

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Solar Juicing Company Inc.    Solarjuicing

Class Instructed:

Cold Pressed Juice and Sea moss Gel


Cold Pressed Juice 

Rebby_Daniel - Rebby Kern.jpg

Daniel Sannito & Rebby Kern

Rebby & Daniel are local yoga teachers in Charlotte, focusing their work on trans and queer liberation.


Class Instructed:

Empowered Boundaries: practices to protect your energy.


Your YES begins with your NO. Ever feel like you’re overwhelmed and overcommitted? Does it feel challenging to draw boundaries and say ‘no’? Alignment to Self and True North comes with reflection and a willingness to explore. 

In this workshop Rebby (they/them) & Daniel (they/them) will guide you through a mapping of your YES while practicing boundaries to protect your energy and release the energy you may unintentionally may be. carrying of others. "

jaimishuffheadshot - Jaimis Yoga.JPG

Jaimis Huff

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Jaimis Yoga


Jaimis is known for her playful approach to teaching and encouraging students to step outside of their comfort zone, tap in to their strengths, and try things they didn’t believe were possible. She loves to have fun and get upside-down!


Class Instructed:

Rocket Yoga Class/Arm Balance + Inversion Workshop

Join Jaimis for a dynamic, energetic practice that has a magical element of playfulness, accessibility and freedom to try new variations and transitions. Expect to breathe, sweat, flow, laugh, play and have plenty of opportunities to get upside-down. 

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Jason Kierce

Big Love Yoga Barn


Collaborative Consciousness Creator


Class Instructed:

Intro To Acro Yoga


Partner based yoga combined with Acrobatics. 

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Jill Winchester

Ascending Wellness


Light-hearted, yogi & dog mom sharing love and healing through yoga, reiki and community.

Class Instructed:

Yoga + Dog with Jill & Tank


Dog + Yoga encourages you to bring your dog to class.


Keisha Bridgeman

SocafitUSA, LLC


Founder and Instructor of SocaFitUSA Caribbean fitness class


Class Instructed:



Caribbean style fitness class


Kiesha Battles

I Am Yoga, LLC


Cultivate spaces to learn more about yoga and practicing it in your life.


Class Instructed:

Healing for Tired Souls


This energetic practice is intended to ground you (earth) so you can make space inside to take up the space you deserve in the ebb and flow (water) of the outside world. Yin Yoga, Foot Massage, Writing, and Mediation will be explored during out time. 

21FACC58-7BF9-4BFD-9B6C-3609DBD0FD40 - Kristen Flemings (1).jpeg

Kristen Flemings

Self-Care Wellness LLC DBA Goddess Kristen Dionne (Ashakti)


As a Spiritual & Wellness Coach, I am here to empower, to promote individuality and authenticity, and to guide those who endeavor to heal themselves on the physical, spiritual, emotional, and financial level.


Class Instructed:

Let's Get "Intuit" Flow


The Intuit Yoga Flow combines intention setting through mini individual intuitive readings, with a gentle flow of yoga, finishing off with a guided meditation to settle into srivasana. 

This class is perfect for those who are new to yoga and intuitive readings, as well as those who have experienced both and who wish to focus on a divinely guided intention, while improving alignment, strength, balance, and flexibility.


Melissa Picault

Maji's Zen Haus


Holistic Wellness via Yoga, Reiki, Sound Healing, Meditation and Breath Work


Class Instructed:

Yin and Vibe


Slow paced practice of yoga that allows the student to properly get into pose and hold it for a longer period of time while connecting the mental/physical bodies. 

Screen Shot 2022-04-11 at 6.41.00 PM.png

Niché Faulkner



Where self care and skincare meet.


Class Instructed:

Pulse Yoga Flow


Pulse Yoga Flow

HIIT based ASS-ana yoga flow that incorporates the rhythmic vibration of sound, movement & energy to ignite, uplift and align your soul. 

This is a practice of freedom and self-love where all are welcome to heal and grow. 

Music may contain explicit language. 

90756FD3-1848-49AA-BD8D-FC584375D18C - Shaneka Harris.jpeg

Shaneka Harris

Obsidian Goddess Brand


Healing mind, body & spirit with herbal teas, herbal baths, tarot cards, Reiki, & guided meditation


Class Instructed:

Reiki healer

Untitled design - 2022-04-06T190738.732.png

Shanna Small

Shanna Small Yoga


Exploring the intersection of yoga and social justice

Class Instructed:

Yoga For All


Every body is a yoga body. Yoga For All is a fun yoga class that is both empowering and accessible. Come as you are!

958D2E9A-9908-41B8-8B7E-44CD70036A1B - Shelby Burney.jpeg

Shelby Burney

Forget what it looks like, what does it feel like?


Class Instructed:

Paint and flow


We will start the class off with breath work, easing our way into about 30 minutes of asana. The yoga practice will prepare our bodies to move freely through ecstatic dance, while we explore each chakra, painting on our large canvas for anyone to come and paint as they feel called.

69ADC788-A70C-4EAB-A18A-C2AF8CECF96B - Shené Smith.jpeg

Shene Smith

Dancing Lotus


Dance Fitness Instructor + Yoga Instructor


Class Instructed:



VIBE is an electrifying practice that fuses music, yoga, and dance to create a feeling of joy-filled expressive movement. Dance choreography, tribal expressions, classical movements are blended and brought to life in this practice. In this setting, you can anticipate a stirring of emotional release and surrender that is free of self-judgment, full of acceptance and self-love. 

9D7BD7F5-16CB-4123-B13B-EB830F77F014 - Mama Solaris.jpeg

Sia Small

Mama Solaris


Exploring & applying yogic principles for mental wellness


Class Instructed:

Chakra Activation Journey


Join us for an evening of chakra activation through yoga, breath work, dance, and art.

IMG_3472 - Growith Sol.HEIC

Sol Armstrong



A safe & sunny space for creation and growth.


Class Instructed:

Family Flow & Glow with Sol


Family Flow is a kid and adult friendly class that includes both stillness and silliness and was created to bring families together through breathe and movement. 

Glow with Sol will be an opportunity for safe expression through body paint, we will tap into our creative selves and work with intuitive strokes to uplift and be reminded of the masterpieces we are.

3467CA23-CF5C-4BA3-8A6D-588798CD7B1F - Sunny Grigorova.jpeg

Sunny Grigorova

Sunny Yoga Realtor


Helping people transition into a new home and a new life!


Class Instructed:

Partner Yoga


Join us for a fun partner yoga stretch. You don't have to come with a partner. Beginner friendly.


Tahnaya Williams

Ready Reiki LLC


The Child Whisper and Medical Intuitive


Class Instructed:

Sensory for Children Play and Reiki Sessions


Sensory for Children play is an event where children participate in fun activities and games that use all five of their senses to help promote active learning, problem solving as well as increasing brain function. 
Reiki Session is the beautiful exchange of energy between the healer and client that promotes a level of relaxation and helps promote healing in the body.

DSC_8311 - Tai Wren (1).JPG

Tai Wren

Tai Wren

Yogi, Priestess, Seeker, Creator of Sacred Space


Class Instructed:

Jivamukti Yoga


Commune in sacred union with your soul as we chant, flow, raise our vibration through mantra and meditate in this 60 minute class dedicated to drawing you closer to source and the voice of counsel within.


Tiffany Sneed

Tiffany Sneed


Works hard, laughs harder ♥️

Class Instructed:


ELEVATE blends grounding yoga poses, plyometrics, high-intensity exercises, and inversions. This flow centers around breath control and creative movement, with a diversity of challenging exercises and modifications to suit practitioners from intermediate to advanced. With this class, you will learn and gain the tools needed to explore a challenging practice and a full-body workout, while also remaining mindful of the breath.

2B7A228B-1383-4295-A9BB-2AC0AC33BF82 - Wenny Tjandra (1).jpeg

Wenny Tjandra

Insideflow yoga instructor


Class Instructed:

Insideflow yoga


Insideflow yoga is a yoga practice where movement is inspired by the inner of the song of your body . Insideflow evolves traditional vinyasa yoga by moving to the music outside from a place deep inside our hearts and bodies .


Rayna Hervis

Curiositea wellness

Teas blended with intention and wellness in mind.


Class Instructed:

Build your own blend: Tea Workshop

Learn what’s in your tea and why! Rayna, co-owner of Curiositea Wellness, will provide a sneak peek at the blending process, focusing on intention and manifestation as well as physical, mental, and emotional wellness. Learn how to add magic and ritual into each cup!

*this workshop is for educational purposes only. Curiositea Wellness does not claim to treat or heal. Please use your own discretion and seek medical advice if warranted. 

LennyBoy2020-1 - Meghan Hadlock.jpg

Meghan Hadlock

Class Instructed:

Saturday Morning Flow


60min all levels vinyasa flow

1918736_10153841773729583_1437223515840833469_n - Melissa Green Music.jpg

Melissa Christopher Green

Green Yoga & Arts

The power of music and movement can transform and heal the mind, body and spirit.

Class Instructed:Creative Power Flow (SolarFlow)

SolarFlow Vinyasa Yoga is a vigorous and fiery form of flow yoga that helps build muscle tone and improve endurance. With energized music woven throughout, your movements are synchronized with your breath to build heat and get your heart pumping. 

thumbnail - Aisha El-Yesher.jpeg

Shay Jospeh-White

Yoga Blow Earth Oasis


Physician Assistant (PA), Certified Yoga Practitioner (CYI-200), Reiki Practitioner (RP), Iridology (IP) Medical Intuitive & Wellness Practitioner


Class Instructed:

Plant medicine discussion (tea chat)

Shay will provide educational information on the benefits of plant medicine including Rapeh, Sananga and Cacao.

Untitled design - 2022-04-20T172209.595.png

Aisha El

Reiki Master Practitioner

Dancing Mindfulness Facilitator

Class Instructed:


Aisha is also a holistic wellness practitioner. She is a Licensed mental health counselor by trade and absolutely loves helping others heal and find their voice. On the journey of infusing her career and love for helping others with her passion of dance, she began to study different healing modalities. She now incorporates therapeutic expressive arts (i.e. dance, healing sound, and energy work) into her already extensive skill set.

5A85574E-C9CD-4516-9098-436AC6BD0640 - Camila Palomeque (1).jpeg

Camimi Palomeque

Camimi isdope


Camimi’s teachings embody freedom of expression with a touch a playful fluidity. Camimi’s classes are a unique mixture of her favorite yoga styles. Keeping it fun but challenging is her motto. 

Class Instructed:

Creative Vinyasa

Creative Vinyasa is an all levels yoga practice which asks you to be open to EXPLORE and FEEL your way through movement. 
Start by regulating the nervous system with a soothing meditation to create a safe space for your inner child to come out to play.
This class is less about holding postures and more about EXPLORING the spaces in between them. 

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