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Heal + Transform + Connect

About Dancing Lotus Yoga + Arts

Where the heart, mind and body come to heal. DLY 


Welcome to DLY where we are breaking down the barriers of a traditional studio by bringing the yoga & healing arts into the community. We offer indoor and outdoor pop-up classes all around the Charlotte area.

Dancing Lotus Yoga + Arts is a band of folks on a mission to inspire healing, transformation & joy through expressive movement, arts & intentional connection.  We are a Yoga, Dance and Arts haven that offers classes centered around fostering creativity, healing trauma and supporting the overall health and wellbeing of our community.

What We're About.

Mission and Guiding Principles

Our mission is to bring healing and happiness to the world, by offering expressive movement, creative arts & opportunities for intentional connection.

Our Guiding Principles are to offer an environment for the community to:

HEAL     +     TRANSFORM     +     CONNECT


We are committed to sharing tools & practices that allow for healing from anxiety, trauma & the stresses of everyday life.

We strive to help others fully experience their own personal shift.



We honor the human need for community & radical acceptance of themselves & our larger human family

Why the name Dancing Lotus?

Journeying from darkness victoriously into the light through movement and connection.

The DLY Invisible Thread

We believe there are invisible sacred threads that weave us together into this tapestry we call humanity. We recognize that together we are the weavers of the destiny placed in our hearts and souls by Source.

Join the DLY Fam.

Flexibility, experience, and enlightenment are not required. We just want real, fun, kind people who are ready to make shift happen – in their own lives, and out in the world.

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